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Oh Gnome! My Deer Friends are Missing!


Oh no! Zen’s friends have gone missing in the forest! Please help him find his 7 friends scattered about and bring them home in time for this years Winter Crest festival.

Designed for characters at Level 3 

Suitable for people aged 7 or older

Expected playtime: 2 and a half hours

Pre-made Characters available!

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Please see our availability here!

Please message us on Facebook either before or after payment and we will alter the calender with your booking.


Unfortunately, we do not yet have a physical shop. However, we will come to you, just let us know where!

Please note that Benji can only attend locations that are wheelchair accessible (a few steps are possible). But, he is more than happy to do sessions via Zoom. Please just let us know!


How long will you need to set up beforehand? We would need roughly 10 minutes to set up from the time that you book. E.g. if you book for 12:00pm the game will start at roughly 12:10pm
Do I need to prepare anything? We will bring everything required to play the game (e.g. dice, maps, minis etc.). However, you can always use your own dice or minis.

We will provide characters to choose from in some sessions. Please see the session description for more information.

You may also want to consider drinks and snacks because of the length of the sessions.

What if I want to create my own character? That’s awesome! If you create your own character please stick to the following rules:

1. Only official Wizards of the Coast content (i.e. if it’s in an official book or DnDBeyond it’s fair game!)

2. Must be the level stated in the session description

3. Only Point-buy or Standard Array may be used for character statistics

4. Starting equipment only

Why are sessions only available on evenings and weekends? Unfortunately, we all still have full time jobs or studies. But, hopefully, one day this will be our full time job!
What if I need to use the toilet during the game? Feel free to leave the table if you need a toilet or comfort break. If you need a break longer than a few minutes, please talk to your DM at the table.
I have an accessibility need, can you facilitate it? Most likely. Please message us before booking your session to discuss any accessibility needs you may have. We (Benji) can run sessions online, we can provide Dyslexia-friendly character sheets, high visibility dice etc.
How do online sessions work? Online sessions will be run via Zoom. You will need a stable internet connection and a computer/laptop that has a microphone.

Dice can be rolled however you want! Physical dice, if you have them; Google’s dice functionality (e.g. Roll d20+2), or any app you can find on your phone!

Combat will also be run via “Theatre of the Mind”, where there is no map and the DM simply describes the scene as it happens.

Webcams are entirely optional but recommended to help bring characters to life with body language!


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Benji, Brian, Fiona

Number of Players

3 Players, 4 Players, 5 Players, 6 Players, Child Friendly (1-2 adults & 2-4 children)


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