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D100 – Rainbow


Metal D100s – hollow and beautiful, a joy to role!  Add one to your inventory before your next adventure.



What is the biggest die you can role?

No, it’s not a D20, it’s the single D100!

These stunning, hollow D100s are a joy to behold and a joy to role.  And boy do they role, and role, and role…

D100s are most commonly used in Dungeons and Dragons to explore for loot on the magic item tables, see what the fates have in store during a wild magic surge, and call on the blessing of the Gods with divine intervention.

And as a DM, they come in handy to throw at your players when they’re not paying attention… but don’t throw too hard!

Available in our two most popular styles, rainbow and bloodstained, they make a beautiful addition to any dice set.

So go on, add a bit of dice pazzazz to your inventory today.


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